COVID-19: CN’s Safety Measures

Below is CN Railway’s response to concerns regarding workers coming into the community during the COVID-19 pandemic:

CN will be deploying approximately 140 workers within our area to conduct track maintenance. Their schedule is 10 days on and 4 days off; they will be here for two full cycles which will take place during the month of April. CN has committed to take precautions to limit the potential spread of COVID19 within their workforce, as well committed to the following:

  • Limit worker interaction with community members.
  • Bring in groceries from the workers’ point of origin so to limit the impact on our grocery store(s) and to protect our retail staff.
  • Any groceries needed to be purchased locally will be done as a group effort, where one worker will purchase goods for a number of their colleagues.
  • Workers will take advantage of food and goods delivery service.
  • Workers will be bunking in separate rooms.
  • Any injured or ill workers will be sent either home or to larger medical centers – not to Valemount’s Health Centre.
  • Majority of the work takes place outside the community on the tracks.
  • Majority of work is mechanized in nature.

Please see this information sheet for more information. We have provided a contact line for the public to communicate any questions, complaints, or concerns members of the public may have.