Membership Information

Membership is open to all business owners, clubs, organizations and interested individuals who want to help make a difference! 

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Our fiscal year is October 1 – September 30.  Our Annual General Meeting is held each October on the Thursday of Small Business Week.

Regular Membership is  $67.50 (prorated 9 months)
Associate Members $40.00 (prorated 9 months)

Dues may be paid by Cheque, Cash or email transfer

A paid membership in the Chamber will get you a live link to your own website from our Business Directory!

“Why should I join the Chamber?”
“What’s in it for me?”

In addition to the Chamber Members Benefits Program which includes health and dental plans custom fit to your business, gasoline and fuel discounts through major distributors, and many others, Valemount & Area Chamber of Commerce can offer:

  • A perfect place to meet other local business owners.
  • The Chamber of Commerce is often the first place of contact for those outside of Valemount, regarding new business opportunities and existing business enquirers.
  • The Chamber of Commerce is up to date on most business grants and loans available.
  • We frequently arrange seminars and workshops at low or no extra cost, to bring together members and experts from inside and outside of Valemount, to maximize all possibilities to enhance new and existing businesses.
  • We also play an important part in investigating complaints and advocate on behalf of the local business community if required.
  • Your local Chamber of Commerce works with other Chambers of Commerce in BC to stay informed on subjects and issues outside of Valemount, so we have the overall “big picture” of businesses to aid local decisions.
  • Your Chamber of Commerce can assist in organizing your Business after Business social
  • Membership in a Chamber of Commerce provides businesses an influential avenue to voice their ideas for economic improvement in their community.   A large membership contributes to a stronger Chamber, and that can affect a more positive impact on decisions made toward attracting investment into the area.
  • Your Chamber of Commerce can be influential in the development of policies at provincial and federal levels

Additionally as a member of the Chamber of Commerce, your small business may be eligible for awards.

Adding/Updating your Business Listing

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